The Cost of Dental Treatment

Keeping teeth healthy costs money, right? And going to the dentist can be expensive? We take a look at two dental patients and their treatment over a 15 year period. Both patients are a similar age and start out with pretty similar teeth. One attends for regular examinations, the other has a pattern of avoidance and attends when they are aware of a problem.

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Halloween Recipes

Looking for some nutritious and delicious recipes this Halloween? We’ve put together the perfect list for you and your family! Take a look for all the most imaginative and spooky treats that everyone will love.

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Aaron Martin
Is milk good or bad for my toddler's teeth?

Be it breast milk, formula or cow's milk, milk forms an important part of a diet during the early childhood years.  Among other benefits, milk is packed full of calcium and has fat to provide energy and growth.  Yet we also hear that milk can be a major contributor to decay in children's teeth.  So is milk really good or bad for toddler's teeth?  And when do we have to be careful?

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