Costs of dental treatment

Dental Treatment Costs

We all know that you shouldn’t choose your dentist based purely on cost, but cost is something we get asked about a lot! We try our best to keep treatment costs reasonable whilst providing high quality care. We make efforts to be transparent with our fees and are always happy to discuss treatment alternatives, staging of costs and payment plans. Pricing for some our of more common items are listed below:


  • Examination (011 or 012) - $70

  • Extended consultation (014) - $90

  • Teeth cleaning (114 or 115) - $125

  • X-rays (022) - $50

  • Small filling (531) - $160


  • Examination (011 or 012) - $50

  • Teeth cleaning (114 or 115) - $70

  • Fissure sealants (161) - $60

We bulk bill all children eligible for the Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS), meaning that treatment is completed with no out-of-pocket cost. Claims can be processed by us directly on the day of treatment.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to provide estimates for many treatments without completing an exam first as every case is unique and costs can require some face-to-face explanation. We encourage patients to simply begin with an examination, after which we can provide detailed estimates and options for treatment.

We have a HICAPS terminal on site which allows for on-the-spot processing of private health insurance claims.

Did you know that we offer interest-free payment plans with Zip Money?

For any additional questions relating to pricing or to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us.