Dentist Ivanhoe East

Emergencies in dentistry happen, sometimes when we least expect them!

A typical emergency visit might be in response to dental pain or a broken tooth.  We endeavour to see all emergencies as quickly as we possibly can and often have provisions in our daily schedule to allow us to expect the unexpected.  In the vast majority of pain cases, provision of pain relief is made possible on the day.

Following an emergency visit, we suggest that all new patients receive a full exam and definitive treatment of any problems present.

Dental trauma can be a special case of an emergency.  If teeth have undergone trauma such as a sporting accident, it can be important to have this seen to without delay.  In cases where teeth have been knocked out of their usual position, it is important that they are repositioned as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.  In cases where teeth have been knocked out of the mouth entirely, they are ideally replaced on the spot and stabilised, even BEFORE coming to the dentist. See how to manage avulsed (knocked out) teeth to equip yourself with the knowledge to manage a first aid situation.   

Our experienced reception staff will be able to discuss your situation and to triage any dental emergencies that may occur.