Why we offer complimentary mouthguards to our patients

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As of December 2018, we are offering to make custom dentist-made sports mouthguards for all our patients aged 16 or under.

Why do we do this?

Dentist sports

We believe strongly in preventing problems BEFORE they occur. We see a lot of preventable injuries to teeth and we see the long-term consequences of these injuries first hand. Nothing is worse than seeing the smile that you’ve worked to maintain over the years (along with your patient) broken by a sporting injury. Many young patients end up wearing poorly fitting mouthguards from a chemist or sports store due to the cost of custom-made mouthguards which are usually in the order of $200. This is one of the ways that we’re working towards protecting your smile every day of the year, not just at your check-ups.

Who is eligible?

We are offering to make a custom mouthguard for any of our regular patients aged 16 years or under. Patients must have had an exam (check-up) in the last 6 months or alternatively have an exam with us on the day that a mouthguard impression is taken.

Not an existing patient of ours? We’re happy to extend the same offer to any new patients who make a booking and see us for an exam.

Offer is limited to one mouthguard per child in any 12 month period.

More information?

Read our mouthguard blog article to find out more detailed information about:

  • What is involved in making a custom mouthguard

  • The importance of wearing a well-fitting mouthguard

  • The difference between custom mouthguards and boil-and-bite mouthguards

For any questions about our complimentary mouthguards or other treatments, feel free to Contact Us or to Make A Booking Online.