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Although adept and experienced in dedicated cosmetic treatments, we believe in not completing these in isolation.  To a large extent, the distinction between general (health-driven) dental treatments and cosmetic treatments has evaporated over time.  In modern dentistry, it is generally expected that treatments that are health driven are also made to be aesthetic. The ideal materials from a health point of view can usually be made to look just like natural teeth (although there are certainly some exceptions to this).  Likewise, any cosmetically-driven treatment must also not impact the health of the surrounding teeth and gums. In years gone by, some aggressive cosmetic treatments could have significant adverse impacts on health.

Today, all health-driven treatments must pay due respect to cosmetic considerations and all cosmetically-driven treatments must pay due respect to the health and longevity of teeth and gums.  Any cosmetic treatment needs to be consistent with long-term health goals.

Our consultations regarding cosmetic improvements of your teeth and your smile take place following a full examination.  We spend time listening to your concerns and your goals and spend time explaining your options for treatment. In most cases, multiple treatment options exist and treatment plans can vary based on demands regarding the time, finances and preferences of patients.  In general, treatments may include:

  • Orthodontic alignment of teeth to address crowded, spaced or malaligned teeth

  • Whitening discoloured teeth

  • White restorations for previously damaged or repaired teeth.  These can include veneers, crowns or onlays or simply modern white direct filling materials

  • Tooth replacement options

Cosmetic treatment plans can be completed in one plan but can equally evolve over the space of several years to spread out treatment time and costs.


Teeth whitening


At our practice we offer three tiers of teeth whitening options.  Each of these can have advantages and vary in terms of cost and the processes involved.

In-chair whitening uses a powerful bleaching agent to provide accelerated whitening in a single visit of approximately 90 minutes.  The results are rapid and this can be great for those with an event coming up or who don't like the idea of using bleach trays at home.   The agent involved is only for use by dentists and requires strict supervision.

At-home bleach trays involve a dentist taking impressions of teeth and making custom-fit bleach trays for use at home.  The bleach agent is a lower concentration than that used for in chair-whitening but still much stronger than over-the-counter products.  Such trays are usually used for around a hour each night for 10-14 days and provide predictable results.  The trays are normally suitable for re-use in future years.

Opalescence Go is a newer product which uses a tray able to be shaped directly inside the mouth.  Trays are single-use and bleach is lower concentration than the above options, although still much higher than over-the-counter products.  Results with Opalescence Go are generally slower than the above but there are no impressions required and this can be a less expensive option.

It is important to note than not all whitening options may be ideal for every person.  We encourage patients to book an appointment to discuss with us which option might be most appropriate for you.

Read more about teeth whitening at our Guide To Whitening Teeth.