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Crowns and onlays

Whereas ‘fillings’ are materials placed directly inside the mouth to restore broken or decayed teeth, some teeth may be best fixed by materials made outside the mouth by a dental technician.  In such cases, teeth can be designed and prepared by a dentist before an impression is taken and sent to a dental laboratory. Restorations made may be called crowns, inlays or onlays.

Having a crown or onlay made outside the mouth by a dental technician can have several advantages.  A range of different materials can be used such as ceramics, precious metal alloys and zirconia. These can usually be formed to very accurate dimensions, are very stable and can be designed for optimal protection of the residual tooth structure.  They are often more appropriate to use when teeth have large or irregular defects, or where teeth may be at risk of loss if they are not protected properly.

A bridge is a special case where a missing tooth can be replaced by fixing it to one or more adjacent teeth.  

In the interests of quality control, we only use Australian-based dental technicians who are committed to providing excellent outcomes.  We never send your work overseas or trust it to cheap laboratories.