How do your teeth compare for your age?

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We all aim to keep our teeth in great condition and to get them to last throughout life. But things don’t always go according to plan! The below details the ‘average’ number of teeth lost and fillings present for each age group.


Total DMFT - number of Decayed Missing and Filled Teeth

What causes tooth loss?

Tooth loss can be caused by gum disease or by damage to teeth through decay and fractures. Both gum disease and damage to teeth can be cumulative and progressive over time. This is why modern dentistry focuses so strongly on the prevention of problems. Regular check-ups and monitoring of teeth and gums over time are key to preventing against tooth loss.

Is losing teeth inevitable?

Although losing a tooth or teeth does occur, it is certainly not inevitable and we have many patients who retain all of their natural teeth throughout life. When teeth are lost, it is often a result of a tooth getting a ‘rough start’ and being damaged early in life, followed by additional deterioration over time. This is what makes children’s dentistry so important to us to give teeth the best possible start in life.

Our modern philosophies now focus much more on getting TEETH to last for the long term, rather than just getting fillings and crowns to last.

How can teeth be replaced?

There are often multiple ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth and we have more great alternatives now that at any point in the past. Dental implants have revolutionized the way that we replace teeth and can provide great, long-lasting results in many cases. A Bridge is another way of replacing a tooth that is fixed in place much like a natural tooth.

Removable dentures may be a more traditional way of replacing missing teeth but can still offer a great result, particularly when replacing multiple missing teeth at once.

As to which of these options might be best for an individual, this can be complex and there are often several factors to take into consideration. We encourage patients to Contact Us to discuss their own unique situation.