The different ways of whitening teeth

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A guide to whitening teeth - which option is for you?

Teeth whitening, or bleaching teeth, has become very common and there are number of ways to go about it.  There is a HUGE amount of advertising and marketing spin around whitening with grand promises about what is the most effective, the quickest, the cheapest and so on.  We've tried to simplify bleaching into three levels and detail the advantages of each.  Although we've based this guide on the products that we offer at our clinic, all mainstream bleaching systems currently available should fit pretty neatly into one of the following categories.  We've included a link to our bleaching FAQs page here and at the end of this article for anyone wanting to read on in more detail.

High strength dentist whitening
Teeth whitening trays
Quick teeth whitening


None of the above systems or products we use are available over-the-counter or for sale to the general public.  All are restricted to sale to dental professionals due to their concentrations and the techniques involved.  Although there are certainly methods available for whitening teeth outside the care of a dentist, we'd urge caution with unregulated providers.  High concentration products can be very dangerous if not used correctly and are illegal outside the care of a dentist, whereas low concentration products may simply be ineffective.  More detailed information on tooth whitening can be accessed by reading our Tooth Whitening FAQs or by making contact with us.

The above information is general in nature and should not be considered as individual advice.  Teeth whitening may not be an appropriate for everyone and a full dental examination should be completed prior to considering this.  We suggest anyone interested in teeth whitening to seek individual advice from a registered dentist.  Dr. Aaron Martin is a registered dentist and principal dentist at Dentists of Alphington.