Implants at our practice

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What we do better:

The importance of completing treatment to a high standard with dental implants can not be overstated. Failing to plan or place implant fixtures in ideal positions can have significant long-term consequences.

There are two elements to successful implant treatment - placement of the implant fixture and placement of the overlying crown (or bridge or denture). Implant fixtures are ideally placed by a specialist periodontist (or oral maxillofacial surgeon), whilst overlying restorations are usually placed by an experienced dentist. The expertise required to do this properly is not found at every dentist.

The following is a summary of the advantages of implants at our practice:

  • Planning and initial consultation is done with an experienced general dentist to make sure that we develop the right plan for you

  • Implant fixtures are placed with a specialist periodontist who has many years of experience and additional training

  • We only use the best implant components with a long history of proven clinical success

  • Implant restorations (crowns) are made using an Australian dental laboratory and designed specifically for your situation

  • In most cases, all treatment and consultation can be completed in one location

  • We provide long term follow-up, maintenance and support

  • We provide a very reasonable cost structure

Read more about WHAT IS AN IMPLANT and about whether this may be the right option for you. CONTACT US for any additional information, to find out more or to book a detailed consult.