10 things that set us apart

Dentist Ivanhoe Fairfield Alphington

How are we different?

Dentistry has changed a lot over the years, and mostly for the better! We are all constantly bombarded with advertising messages about which dentist is the best, the cheapest and the closest and it can be difficult to tell which is right for you.

At Dentists of Alphington, here are 10 ways that we think we are different:

  1. Experienced staff - our staff are all highly-trained and have been providing dental care for many years. We have a very low staff turn-over so you’re likely to see the same people every time you visit.

  2. Our focus is on you. We take time to focus on your concerns and tailor plans towards your needs and wishes. You won’t find that we rush your visits and we don’t run our clinic like a production line.

  3. Conservative - we provide evidence-based treatments with a focus on long-term results, maintenance and prevention.

  4. Modern philosophies - newer materials and bonding technologies allow for treatment to be much less invasive than in the past. We like to focus on ‘what will happen next’, in order to give teeth the best chance of lasting throughout life.

  5. Firm relationships with local specialist community. The reality is, no one health provider can do everything to the highest possible standard. If we’re not sure about a course of action, we’ll consult with one of our local specialists. If we can’t complete a procedure to an equivalent standard, we’ll offer a referral.

  6. No sales pitches. We pride ourselves on not ‘selling’ unnecessary treatment to patients.

  7. Quality materials and labs. We only use quality Australian-based dental laboratories and materials. We will never compromise quality by sending your work offshore in order to save money.

  8. Not corporate owned. We do not run our practice to provide profits for corporate shareholders.

  9. State-of-art premises. Our purpose-built modern facility is clean, spacious and fully-equipped, with free off-street parking

  10. Flexible appointment scheduling to fit in around your busy schedule. We offer evening appointments several times a week and are open on Saturday mornings.

We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have via email or a phone call with no obligation. If you would like to book an appointment online click here. Or feel free to contact us if you would like any further information.