Modern dental treatment

We aim to offer quality, tailored dental solutions for the whole family.  Our focus is on long-term care, prevention and longevity of teeth. We realise that every patient is different. We don’t treat patients in our practice as part of a production line where everyone receives the same advice and treatment.  We prefer to focus on each individual and tailor sensible plans to each unique situation, set of goals and phase of life.

Traditional dental treatment has focussed on getting fillings, crowns and other repairs to last and being reactive in treating problems as they occur.  This is important, but dentistry has moved far beyond that. Modern dental techniques are much more focussed on getting TEETH to last for the long-term.  With increasing lifespans and increasing expectations about teeth lasting throughout life, our treatments have become much more conservative. Using conservative philosophies, adhesive technologies and a range of newer materials, we are now able to perform much less aggressive treatments and not only ensure that treatments last in the long term but, if and when they do require re-treatment, that teeth are not lost as a result.  We take genuine pride in prevention and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

We enjoy providing quality dental solutions across a diverse range of ages.  From positive and fun experiences for infants on their first visit, to managing the unique set of challenges in an elderly or deteriorating set of teeth, we aim to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for you during your time in our clinic.