Hannah Crawford Ivanhoe Hygienist

Hannah Crawford

Dental hygienist in Alphington

We are excited to announce that Hannah has joined our team as our Dental Hygienist Extraordinaire! Hannah has many years of experience as a hygienist, having graduated in 2011. She lives in the local area and has practiced locally since 2014, being previously employed at Smile Connections in Ivanhoe.

Hannah is passionate about helping her patients prevent against dental disease and keep their teeth for life. She believes strongly in getting to know patients and in understanding each person’s unique circumstances. Gentle, caring and friendly, Hannah has been a popular addition to our team and the improvements she can create really speak for themselves!

Hannah is initially available for appointments on Thursday mornings at our practice.

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

Dental hygienists focus on the treatment of gum disease and on prevention against problems with the teeth and gums. A visit to a hygienist will typically involve a thorough clean of your teeth, instruction on how to best clean your teeth at home and a plan on how to best prevent problems occurring in your mouth. A great hygienist will take the time to get to know what problems you might be prone to and to really give some thought to a plan to prevent these problems occurring.

Hannah Crawford Hygienist Alphington

Hygienists are also skilled at taking x-rays, taking impressions and in performing teeth whitening.

Dental hygienists work very closely with dentists and you will usually see both the dentist and hygienist during a routine visit.